ZEN 88 gram Air Gun 88g Airsource Co2 Cartridges x 10

ZEN 88 gram Air Gun 88gram Airsource Co2 Cartridges x 10

ZEN 88 g, 88g the new, pre-filled, disposable, 88 gram CO2 tank has now been designed fit into most CO2 air rifles

Suits all popular Co2 airguns that use 88gram, 90gram cartridges including:
Umarex 850 Air Magnum
Hammerli 850 Air Magnum
SMK xs79
Beretta CX4 Storm
Crosman King Ratcatcher (2250 XT)
Crosman 1077 with Airsource Adapter
Crosman Nightstalker
Umarex Walther Winchester Lever Action Rifles

ZEN is a pre-filled, 88 gram Air source CO2 you can use right out of the package to extend your play time.

Use it as a primarly power source or a convenient backup.

Holds approximately 150-200 shots depending on conditions.

Length: 196mm

Dia: 35mm  

(11 threads)


Requires an SMK,CROSMAN Adapter (BRASS OR SILVER ADAPTOR) when using on a paintball marker in place of a tank with a standard pin valve.

For your protection ALL our CO2 cartridges are weighted for content before despatch and we are unable to replace any claimed as empty on receipt other than for damage in transit.