Fox Caller
[Fox Caller]
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Fox Caller

The most unique and effective way to attract foxes!
Made from strong materials and with the ability to create variable sounds (unlike other models.)
This durable item is made in England and is a sure fire way for one to attract foxes.

If you want to get the attention of a fox, then try this call.
A tried and tested caller that has accounted for thousands of foxes…
You’ve probably tried many different types of fox calls in the past – with a varying degree of success.
The original fox call from BestFoxCall offers you a lightweight, versatile call that can be “blown” hands free and can produce a wide range of sounds at low and high volumes.
Unlike some calls that require hours of practice, the original BestFoxCall is extremely simple to use and you’ll be calling in foxes quicker than you might think.
There are many benefits of the BestFoxCall fox caller, including:
 •Weatherproof, hardwearing and tough
 •Versatile – high / low volume – high / low pitch
 •Deadly effective
 •British made
 •Hands-free operation
The original Best Fox Call has been designed to be tough, lightweight, reliable and above all easy to use.
It’s particularly good at the quieter, close-up work.