AR2078 12g co2 Powered Air Rifle THUMBHOLE STOCK .22 calibre air gun pellet
159.95p 145.96p

AR2078 C02 (takes 2 x 12gram) THUMBHOLE STOCK AIR RIFLE .22 calibre air gun pellet

AR2078 C02 rifle is a good quality Chinese made single shot bolt action rifle.

All metal and wood construction .

This rifle is a very good all rounder ideal for informal target shooting, plinking or vermin control as it comes complete with a dioptre rear sight mounted on standard rail .

This would allow fitting of a telescopic sight or red dot scope of your choice.

Powered by 2 x 12grm c02 capsules

Average shots with 2 x 12grm c02 capsule is 60.

This rifle is excellent value.

Specification: velocity 560 feet per second with 14.4 g pellet .22

Overall length 1015 mm, weight 8 lb,

2 stage adjustable trigger, safety catch, adjustable butt pad.

We cannot mail order airguns, rifles, pistols due to VCRA act. These must be collected from the shop or we can send to another RFD.